北米版タクティクスオウガ 運命の輪 障害物

北米版タクティクスオウガ サムネイル




An evergreen commonly found growing on flat terrain. Used for building, woodworking, and charcoal.
A tall evergreen found in hilly or mountainous terrain. The Galgastani observe a custom of decorating these trees to welcome in the new year.
A tall evergreen with reddish bark and berries with a bright-red skin hiding the white flesh inside.
This tall evergreen can be found along the seashore or near the mouths of rivers. Known for its delicious fruit, which can be eaten off the tree or made into juice.
A tall, deciduous tree found on the slopes of mountains and around lakes. Its white flowers bloom during Whitescale, and are a favored offering to the dead.


This hardy, tall -growing tree stores water in the soft resin found beneath its sturdy bark.
An evergreen commonly found along the sea and in low-lying hills. Grows well in light or shade, and is hardy enough to prosper even in the briny wind along the coast.
A common evergreen near the sea. Its fruit, which ripens in Goldscale, is quite delicious.
A deciduous tree found in mountains and other high elevations. Prizet for the useful oil that can be extracted from its seeds and the pigment made from its bark.
Coconut Palm【ココヤシ】
A tall evergreen originating on the continent. It is said that the Dynast-King personally chose these to adorn the Hanging Gardens.
Date Palm【ナツメヤシ】
A tall evergreen that grows in the wild in valeria. Widely used for its edible fruit and its sap, from which liquor can be made.
The tangled, thorny stalks of the briar tear the exposed flesh of anyone foolish enough to wede through a thicket.
Udiga Grass【ウディガ草】
On account of its toxic secretions, in Valeria it is said that the god of the underworld first planted this grass.
Dalla Reed【ダアラの草】
This reed with sharp, thorn-like leaves can be found growing in the wild wherever there is arid land.
Found in cold climes, thickets of luxweed are impassable due to their blade-like leaves.
Derain Grass【ドラン草】
The sharp thorns growing on the underside of the thick leaves of this grass secrete a substance toxic enough to make this one of the most dangerous flora found on the islands.
Pitcher Plant【虫食い草】
This insectivore secretes a weak acid that can cause fierce itching on contact with the skin. Islanders give this plant a wide berth.
This plant favors the soft soil around pools and lakes. Watch for deep mud holes near these plants.
Barren Tree【枯れ木】
This tree has withered due to a lack of water. Its branches are dry and brittle.
Scorched Tree【焼けた木】
This tree was burned in a forest fire started by a volcano. A hollow shell of its former verdant self.
Rotten Tree【腐った木】
The mold around this tree gradually killed its roots. Now even the heartwood is poisoned and rotting.


Wooden Crate【輸送用木箱】
A crate once filled with the supplies required by war. Uncountable scars mark its surface.
Reinforced Crate【資材の箱】
The joints of this crate used for transporting building materials are reinforced with sturdy iron straps.
Shipping Crate【船荷の箱】
A crate once filled with goods carried by freight galley.
Apparel Trunk【衣類箱】
A trunk once used to hold the personal garments of garrisoned men.
Alimentary Crate【貯蔵箱】
This crate that once held foodstuffs bears the stains of fruit and meat on its bottom and sides.

Wine Cask【ワイン樽】
This cask once held fruit wine made on the islands. Considerably heavy, even in this dilapidated state.
Water Barrel【水樽】
A large barrel used to hold drinking water――a valuable commodity in this region.

Sedimentary rock formed by the gradual collection of calcium found in the bones of fish and mollusk shells.
This rock contains high amounts of the ore that is refined to make baldur, a metal with magic-enhancing properties.
Sedimentary rock formed of clumped grains of sand. Too brittle for use in building.
A commonly used igneous rock, found throughout the islands.
A rock with serpentine patterning and luster. Easily carved for ornamental purposes.
A plutonic rock known for its hardness and beauty. Can be polished to a high luster for castle interiors and other ornamental use.
A sedimentary rock formed of shards from several different rocks bound together by sand.

A large urn, useful for carrying water or wine. The design shows strong south-sea influences.


Watch Lamp【警備灯】
This stone lamp is designed to be used out-of-doors, with a protected flame that burns in rain, snow, and wind.
Chamber Lamp【室内灯】
This marble lamp serves an ornamental function as well as providing light. It is possible to adjust the strength of the flame.

Suit of Iron Armor【鉄甲冑】
The plates of this armor are designed to be slightly convex in order to better absorb the impact of blows.
Suit of Heavy Armor【重甲冑】
Techniques honed over centuries went into the design of this suit of armor. The craftsmanship is especially evident in the helm, neck guard, and joints. Rather heavy.
Suit of Silver Armor【白銀甲冑】
Armor fashioned of silver, polished to a glowing white. Its surface is covered with intricate detail, with mounting tubes for red and white feathers.
Suit of Copper Armor【銅甲冑】
Armor fashioned convex plates of copper, designed to better bear the impact of blows. Only two-thirds as heavy as similar suits fashioned of iron.
Sarcred Statue【女神像】
A beautiful statue carved in the likeness of Phelana, Goddess of Love and Justice.


Yellow Crystal【黄水晶】
A crystal infused with the power of Hahnela. A whorl of wind can be glimpsed twisting within.
Green Crystal【緑水晶】
A crystal infused with the power of Vaasa. The lush vegetation of a miniature verdant land can be glimpsed within.
This curious rock gives off lightning-like sparks. Contact with the sparks gives quite a jolt.
Violet Crystal【紫水晶】
A crystal infused with the power of Nestharot. Bright flashes of lightning can be glimpsed within.
Blue Crystal【青水晶】
A crystal infused with the power of Greuza. Lapping waves of clear water can be glimpsed within.
Red Crystal【赤水晶】
A crystal infused with the power of Xoshonell. A tiny flame can be glimpsed burning within.
Cerulean Crystal【碧水晶】
A crystal infused with the power of Lyuneram. Ice crystals falling like snow can be glimpsed within.
White Crystal【白水晶】
This crystal infused with the power of Ishtar gives off a gentle, white light.


The remnants of a ship washed ashore. Though most planks have rotted, newer-looking fragments can be seen here and there.
Various pillar-shaped crystals fused together from this crystalline mass. Looks hard, but is in fact quite fragile.
Protrusion formed over time by minerals in the water dripping from the ceiling. Its distorted surface is smooth to the touch.


Warrior Statue【戦士】
This statue is intricately carven, down to the finest detail. The warrior’s face is twisted in agony with a mouth that, could it draw breath, would surely be screaming.
A warrior turned to stone by magic. It is physically painful to look upon the fear in those sightless eyes.

※「Warrior Statue」のザドバ戦後。

Knight Statue【騎士】
A statue of a knight, complete with spear and shield. His face captures the look of abject terror worn by those who have seen their doom.
A knight turned to stone by magic. He is frozen in the throes of a battle for his life――a battle he clearly lost.

※「Knight Statue」のザドバ戦後。

Age-worn Statue【盗賊】
A statue of a hale warrior so realistic it looks as though it might burst into vibrant life at any moment, save for the mold and moss that grow upon its pockmarked feature.
This brigand turned to stone by magic is a testament to the dangers of unbridled greed.

※「Age-worn Statue」のザドバ戦後。

Abuna Statue【僧侶】
An abuna carved out of stone, ankh held high. One wonders what the artist was trying to convey with the peculiar way the figure hides behind the shield in its hand.
An abuna turned to stone by magic.Apparently the gods did not hear his prayers.

※「Abuna Statue」のザドバ戦後。

Wizened Man【魔術師】
This statue of an old mage appears to be frozen in the act of chanting a spell.
A magus turned to stone by magic more powerful than any he once wielded.

※「Wizened Man」のザドバ戦後。

Oil Lamp【無尽灯】
This stone lamp is perfect for lighting dungeons. It is designed to feed from a reservoir of oil so that it never goes out.
The design of this stone tablet indicates a grave marker, though the ancient inscription is impossible to decipher.


Windmill Palm【シュロの木】
A tall evergreen favoring drier land. Often used as an ornamental tree in gardens.
This stone cloud be mistaken for common limestone if it didn’t float in the air.


A hastily erected wall to keep enemies out.
A magical lantern fashioned from a giant pumpkin. You could even eat it, if you wanted to.
A road marker made of stone, worn over time by the passing of troops.
Dragon Gate【竜門】
A gatepost carved with a dragon design in relief. The surface is covered with undecipherable markings in an ancient tongue.
Stone Pillar【石柱】
Ancient techniques were used in the fashioning of this pillar of stacked stone. Thick moss covers its surface.
Fallen Pillar【崩れ落ちた柱】
A pillar of crumbled blackrock. The grass growing from the cracks speaks to the length of time that has passed since this pillar fell.