北米版タクティクスオウガ 運命の輪 敵専用クラス

北米版タクティクスオウガ サムネイル


Enemy Class

Iron Fist【アイアングラップラー】
Fighters well-versed in the methods of taking a man’s life. Their victims’ cries for mercy fall on deaf ears.
A killer-of-men for hire who will use any means at their disposal to claim their mark.
An avatar of the Heavenly General Asurama, the great revealer, who protects and preserves the teachings of the gods.
An avatar of the Heavenly General Aditi, said to be a scourge upon mankind.
An avatar of Ahurama, known as an ogre among the Twelve Heavenly Generals.
A creature of fire and a powerful elemental. Ifrit once wreaked havoc among the villages and towns of man, until Xoshonell, Goddess of Fire, caught him and trapped him within an urn. After many centuries, Ifrit repented, and now serves as Xoshonell’s temple guardian.
An avatar of the Heavenly General Ijana, who staves off disease and calamity.
This nightmare flits nimbly through the air to dodge attacks. Also a wielder of powerful magic.
The bird that pulls Hahnela’s chariot across the sky. Worshipped as a divinity who calls the strong winds that usher in the spring.
An avatar of the Heavenly General Indra, who crushes the desires of mortals.
Witch King / Witch Queen【ウィッチキング / ウィッチクイーン】
A vile magic-user, whose power inspires equal parts fear and respect.
Dark magic created this orc-human crossbreed. Superior in both strength and intellect to its forebears.
An avatar of the Heavenly General Enja, punisher of men’s crimes.
A taker-of-lives who revels in removing heads from their bodies.
Ethereal Vision【エセリアルビューティー】
The unearthly beauty of this winged stands in stark contrast to its brutally violent nature.
Onyx Dragon【オニキスドラゴン】
Ebon scales cover the sinuous from of this wyrm of darkness. So dark are its scales that they absorb not only light, but the very will of men to fight.
A guardian of the temple of Ashmdai. A normal person in appearance, her true from is shrouded in mystery.
Though attractive in appearance, this heartless hunter kills men to eat their flesh.
Kill Seeker【キルシーカー】
A born killer who thinks of taking lives as nothing more than a game.
A dweller of the deep, the kraken can control water and summon squalls at will.
A former swordmaster, skilled with the blade. Now fallen to killing men for a pittance of goth.
Crystal Dragon【クリスタルドラゴン】
This dragon is named for the translucence of its steely scales. The material of its scales is second only to diamond in hardness, and the slight imperfections in its hide catch the light and sparkle like rubies and sapphires, adding to the crystal dragon’s breathtaking appearance.
Crimson Uhlan【クリムゾンウーラン】
A knight, mounted and in crimson armor, bearing a spear. Known to hack down their foemen until their bodies are drenched in blood.
Grim Reaper【グリムリーパー】
A killer skilled in inflicting so much pain, death feels like an afterthought.
A wielder of ancient magic with a gaze that can turn those who draw too near to stone. Of the many tribes of gorgon, the Medusa, Shteno, and Euryale tribes are most famous.
An avatar of the Heavenly General Saranga, said to have shot a great demon with its bow.
Shadow Knight【シャドウナイト】
A knight who attained immortality through a pact with a demon. No light of reason shines in its eyes, only a lust for bloodshed.
A monster, called the Sea Witch. Many are the men who have lost their lives at the bottom of the sea, lured into calamity by the dulcet tones of her voice. She feeds upon the souls of the men she kills.
Snipers never hesitate to pull the trigger of their fusil on a man. In fact, they rather enjoy it.
A dragon with many heads, spending much of its time in the water. Often takes the form of a beautiful woman to lure travellers to a watery grave.
A one-eyed giant, adept in the use of elemental magic, just in class its inhuman strength isn’t enough to do the job.
The spirit of a dead sailor lingering in the depths of the Pirate’s Graveyard. As long as they still yearn for something of their former lives, they will never be free.
A fallen priest――an apostate who use divine magic for personal gain.
Sorcerer / Sorceress【ソーサラー / ソーサレス】
A magic-user whose command of a wide range of spells dwarfs the knowledge of a common wizard. Able to use their power without worshipping or forging a pact with any gods, demons, or spirits.
The stormbeast, survived from the days of the Ogre Battle. Once a scourge upon mankind, Xolotl was captured by heroes who had received the protection of Nestharot, Goddess of Lightning. Now he serves as her temple guardian.
Dark Stalker【ダークストーカー】
A dweller in darkness, fed on the blood of the Abyss.
Dark Bishop【ダークビショップ】
A fallen priest who uses his position to realize his own ambition. Though Brantyn is called hierophant, he attained this post through improper use of Lodissian power, and by rights should only be an exarch.
Dark Lord【ダークロード】
A fallen Dynast-King now corrupted by he Dark. More divine than human, the Dark Lord has forgotten much of his human life, and now only bears hatred and envy for the living.
Member of an ancient race of giants. Sees out of only one eye, the other having been taken as punishment for turning against gods.
An aquatic giant, the “Demon of the Sea.” Can summon a great tempest to sweep its foes to the depths of the ocean.
Damasc Golem【ダマスカスゴーレム】
A golem fashioned of damasc steel, the hardest variety of steel known to man. Immune to most melee attacks.
An avatar of the Heavenly General Chandra, who borrows the power of the moon in battle.
Hanged Man【吊られた男】
This corpse of a man hanged for collaborating with Bakram was animated by a dark necromancer.
Death Eater【デスイーター】
A dark mage, said to practice cannibalism. They serve one who must not be named.
Death Templar【デステンプラー】
The highest rank of knight in Lodis, given control of a knightly order. There are 16 such knights in Lodis, each thought to be worth 100 knights in battle.
Death Knight【デスナイト】
A corpse-knight, raised from the dead by necromantic means. Their power is augmented by dark magic.
Knight Commander【テンプルコマンド】
A high-ranking knight of Lodis. Typically given command of 500 to 2000 troops, the Dark Knights Loslorien prefer to attack in smaller numbers (30 to 100) of highly trained elites.
A knight of the Dark Knights Loslorien, elites who wield magic with the same ease as they wield their swords.
Said to have been born from the tears Greuza, Goddess of Water, shed for her lost son, Tlaloc has been called a god of rain and of disasters. When the great winds blow, and the floods come, people say it is the work of Tlaloc.
Ungodly means were used to fetch the soul of this knight from the Abyss who now animates this suit of armor.
Sometimes worshipped as a serpent god, the naga is nothing more than a vile, bloodthirsty monster intent on taking human life.
Night Crow【ナイトクロウ】
An ebon winged who fell onto the paths of darkness, the night crow will not cease battle until it has drawn blood.
A beastman said to have been created by Vaasa, Goddess of Earth, to serve her in eternity. Called the “Ravager” for his violence, Vaasa uses him for a watchdog.
Fleeing Villager【逃げまどう市民】
A villager of Golyat, fleeing before the sudden attack of Dark Knights and Bakram.
A serpentine desert-dweller with a gaze that can turn men to stone. When facing a basilisk, bring a shield, or don’t come at all.
Vasque Survivor【バスク村の生き残り】
One of the people driven from their village during Hierophant Balbatos’s blood war. Many lay hidden in Lhazan Fortress following the Bakram invasion.
The wail of this dark faerie calls Death down to claim those who hear it. Banshees possess great intellect and are adept magic-users.
An avatar of Vija, said to be the most martially adept of the Tweve Heavenly Generals.
A horse with the head of an eagle and giant wings. Able to fly with ease over rough terrain and changing elevations.
The fabled immortal bird. Though legend says that any who drink the phoenix’s blood will gain its immortality, this is likely just a myth.
This horrific creature lurched into life when the Dark settled upon a rotting pumpkin-headed scarecrow.
A guardian of the temple of Ashmedai. It is unclear whether Blackmoor was once a human who reincarnated, or was a lich from the very beginning. His true from is shrouded in mystery.
Blood Gavial【ブラッドゲイビアル】
A variety of lizardman with blood-red skin. Its violence is remarkable, even toward its own kind.
Blood Hunter【ブラッドハンター】
A dedicated assassin who revels in the taking of life.
Flesh Golem【フレッシュゴーレム】
Some fiendish mage patched this golem together from a jumble of leftover body parts. Its bulbous from boils with hatred toward the living.
An avatar of the Heavenly General Maitreya, who extends the hand of salvation to deserving mortals.
An avatar of the Heavenly General Rakshas, who brings destruction and devastation to this world.
Lich King / Lich Queen【リッチキング / リッチクイーン】
A lich among liches, master of powerful and arcane magic.
A chimera with the body of a bird, shell of a turtle, and tail of snake. It is said that Lyuneram, Goddess of Ice, turned a cruel king into this creature as punishment.
A giant demon-bird. It’s said that the demons rode upon these during the Ogre Battle.
A dark winged creature, sometimes called the “Angel of Death.” A raven rises when the Dark touches the corpse of a man who has passed on, having committed all seven deadly sins.
A spirit warrior and wielder of powerful magic, fetched from Abyss by means of necromancy.
A ghast created by the merging of the Dark and a soul filled with hatred. This soul belonged to Dynast-King Dorgalua’s arch-rival, King Rodrick of Brigantys.
An evil magus, conversant in all forms of spellcraft. Has the peculiar hobby of taking men’s skins to use as covers for spellbooks.
A skeletal warrior and wielder of magic, fetched from the Abyss means of necromancy.